lax lake resort                              est.1928


is a "ma and pa" vintage style resort that has been in operation for 93 years by only two families since its establishment in 1928.  Opened by John Waxlax, whose father settled and laid claim to the area in 1894, it was purchased by the Rudloff family in 1973.  WOW... we're celebrating our 48th year! Three of the original lakeside cabins remain and date from early to mid 1930s. In 1979 we moved buildings from what was the old Candlelight Motel by Split Rock when the land was made into a state refuge. The motel unit later took a facelift to become what is now our "duplex" unit.  Outhouses gave way to the constuction of our "lodge" builing in 1990 and modern toilets, showers, laundry and sleeping rooms were added. Many other changes occured over the years that are now added chapters in it's history,  but since its beginning, the resort has held onto its original integity offering both camping and lodging to those seeking a get-away just hair off the beaten path of the north shore. 

The resort is not a fancy place... it's uniqueness and charm is that it's one of the few remaining family operated resorts still in operation in the arrowhead. In the changing times of vacation stays, Lax Lake Resort is often stated by our guests to be a refreshing pause in time. You may not find great cell phone service due to the hills. There are no tvs in the rooms.  Hey, you're supposed to be on vacation.We are a traditional resort that cators to those who want to get away from the noise of hustle-bustle  (SORRY CHARLIE... we're not a party destination)  and retreat to a place to slow things down a bit and create memories.  Maybe it's the first fish caught or that chipmunk who ate your chips.  Maybe it's waking up to the call of the loons and watching the sun rise over the hills.  Maybe it's hiking to one of the many near-by breath taking waterfalls and the stories later told about your day's adventures around your campfire.  We are seasonal family resort operated by three generations who pool and trade their time to keep the legacy of sharing our place to those who appreciate it.  Whether you use our place as a central location for your vacation outings, or you spend your entire time with us, we invite you to our little resort on the lake.


We have a little store of souviniers, cards, supplies, bait, firewwod and groceries of basic camp foods. Our selection of clothing can outfit you in Lax Lake style.

The ice cream cone sign on our building invites all to our most popular tradition... hand scooped ice cream featuring assorted flavors. 

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